A Letter of Appreciation for the OC Law Enforcement Community

To the Orange County Law Enforcement Community,

The Lincoln Club of Orange County wishes to extend our deep appreciation to the entire Orange County law enforcement community and your families for your professionalism and sacrifice in dealing with the many challenges for our county these past few weeks in the wake of the nationwide upheaval.

We can be proud as a county that our citizens were encouraged to freely exercise their First Amendment right to peacefully protest, while at the same time public order and private property were protected. That result is in large part due to the work of our law enforcement community to engage the public these past few weeks, in addition to many past years of active engagement within our communities.

We stand with our law enforcement professionals in recognizing that more work remains to be done to build and strengthen public trust in law enforcement, and we have utmost confidence in our Orange County and local law enforcement leadership to achieve these goals.

There are those who seek to use the tragedy in Minneapolis and the upheaval around the country as an opportunity for political gain, to further sow division, unfairly attack law enforcement, and push for policies that would endanger public safety. We join with the people of Orange County in strongly opposing any such attempts.

The Lincoln Club of Orange County stands with our local and county law enforcement professionals in pursuing action that achieves true justice and increased public safety for all communities in Orange County.


The Lincoln Club of Orange County

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