OPEN LETTER: It's time for the Orange County Supervisors to lead the County and State in economic recovery.

OPEN LETTER: It's time for the Orange County Supervisors to lead the County and State in economic recovery

An Open Letter to the Orange County Board of Supervisors

We write today as entrepreneurs, small business owners, restaurateurs, and residents of Orange County to express our grave concern for the County's economic predicament as a result of the 'shelter in' and 'non essential' business shutdown orders from the State and County.

The predicate for the initial 'shelter in' and businesses shutdowns was the need to 'flatten the curve' of infections in order to assure that our healthcare system would not be overwhelmed. However, with each passing day it becomes more evident that the original statistical models driving these drastic measures were flawed and dramatically overstated the risks.

Hoag Hospital was the first hospital to treat a COVID-19 patient. During an April 15 video update, Dr. Brant-Zawadzki, Senior Physician Executive at Hoag Hospital, explained, "the numbers are now stabilizing and going down [in fact,] it's not that the curve has flattened- we're on the other side of the curve and heading down." Dr. Martin Fee, Chief Clinical Officer and Head of Infection Control at Hoag Hospital, also added, "definitely in Orange County it has [flattened]." Orange County's daily COVID-19 infections peaked on April 1 at 104 and has averaged 55 per day since April 22. This successful slowing of the spread of COVID-19 can be largely attributed to the actions of the State and Orange County Board of Supervisors. We thank the OC Board of Supervisors for its hard work and leadership to protect our community during this crisis.

But it has become clear that the status quo is not economically or socially sustainable, even in the short term.  The stress of economic devastation and curtailed civil liberties could one day soon become untenable.

State unemployment claims exceed 2.7 million while Orange County claims are in the tens of thousands. As long as we remain in lockdown, these numbers are projected to climb to catastrophic levels.

It is time for the Orange County Supervisors to lead the County and State in economic recovery.

We understand that the Board of Supervisors is forming a task force to formulate a safe and responsible plan for reopening the Orange County economy and urge the Board to move with the greatest urgency and develop this plan in no more than 10 days. We expect the Board will work with the State where possible, but where necessary we urge you to move faster and more broadly as our County statistics dictate. We understand these decisions are not without health and political risks, but believe the business community and the citizens of the County will offer broad and sustained support.

We believe it is possible to protect the health and safety of our communities without bankrupting them as well. If we act now and put together an aggressive plan to restart the OC economy as well as minimize health risks, then businesses can begin the process of contacting vendors, employees, customers and preparing to smoothly transition and reopen.

We are facing an economic meltdown due to the shutdown. The citizens of Orange County are prepared to continue practicing social distancing and rigorous hygiene protocols. Our residents are smart, industrious, and responsible.

We urge you to act now for the thousands in Orange County and millions across our state who've lost their jobs.

Orange County must get back to work. And the Orange County Supervisors can and must lead the way. You have our unqualified support.


Jeffrey Barke, M.D.

Co-Founder PersonalCare Physicians


Raj Bathal

CEO, Raj Manufacturing Inc.


John & Carolyn Ben

Owners, Aqua Ben Corp.


Steve Borowski

President, Aristotle Capital Management


Scott Bower

2 Guard Inc.


Mark Bucher

CEO, Employers Resource


Jerry Burch

Franchise Owner, Nekter Juice Bar


Scott Burnham

CEO, Burnham USA/Burnham-Ward


Dan Callahan

Partner, Callahan & Blaine


Michael D. Capaldi

Partner, Spach, Capaldi & Waggaman, LLP


Tim Carr

CEO, Tim Carr Group


David Close

David Close Homes, Inc.


Steve Craig

Craig Realty Group


Mark Douglas

CEO, LCP Tracker


Gil Figueroa

Pyramid Fence Company


Peter Ganahl

CEO, Ganahl Lumber


Jim Glidewell

CEO, Glidewell Laboratories


Bryan Gonzales

Owner, Gonzos Tacos


Michael Harrah

CEO, Caribou Industries


Doy Henley

CEO, Henley Properties


Teresa Hernandez

Vice President, Mariachi Heritage Society


Robert O Hill

O Hill Capital


David Horowitz

President, Horowitz Group


India Hynes

Owner, Vinotemp


Frank Jao

CEO, Bridgecreek Development


Buck Johns

President, Inland Energy Inc


Brian Jones

CEO, Argonaut Consulting


Steve Joyce

Owner, Newport Beach Tennis Club


Ed Laird,

CEO, Laird Coatings Corp.


Wayne Lindholm

President, Lindholm Management


Sandy MacDougall

President Mortgage Vintage, Inc.


Mario Marovic

Owner, Malarky’s Irish Pub


Matthew D. Morsey

President, Coast Acceptance Corporation


Bill McCullough

President, Pinpoint Media, LLC


Curtis Olson

CEO, Nexus Development Corporation


Robert D. Olson

RD Olson Companies


Rich Olivas,

Sr. Vice President, SilverWood Landscape


Manuel Ramirez



Dr. Kerry Reynolds

Certified therapist & Former business owner


Harry Rinker

Rinker Development Co.


Ed Susolik

Partner, Callahan & Blaine


Joe Ueberroth

Founder, Bellwether Financial Group


John Warner

President, Lincoln Club


Honorable Fred Whitaker

Managing Partner, Cummins & White, LLP

Chairman, Republican Party of Orange County


Ron Williams

CEO, Talon Companies


Eva Woodby

President, eDOT Water


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