National Guard Food Drive

Lincoln Women’s Leadership Committee Hosts Food Drive


At the end of July, the Lincoln Women’s Leadership Committee came together and organized a food drive for the men and women in the National Guard stationed in the city of Santa Ana. It was an amazing way to demonstrate to our military just how much we appreciate their service to our country and its citizens, particularly in times like these.


Lincoln Club volunteers arrived early in the morning and began to organize and pack the donated food bags. Volunteers were led by Deanne Tate, who displays her passion for helping our men and women in uniform by hosting fundraisers for them often. The chairman of LWLC, Carolyn Ben, was also present with her husband instructing and organizing the event.


The Lincoln Club volunteers packed each bag with all kinds of fruits, vegetables, pastas, soups, and other necessities. In addition to the food bags, each serviceman was also given a $50 Target gift card to cover extra items they may need such as perishables. When the bags were distributed to the men and women of the National Guard, they were quick to express their gratitude for the food they had been given and gift cards. It was amazing to see how happy and excited they were for the support that the Lincoln Club had given them. Saturday’s event was full of smiles, new friends, and remembering what this country is truly all about.

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