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This is a membership driven organization that is anonymous, but endeavors to make its members’ collective voice ring clear for the forces of liberty and prosperity.


_Y8A5669 LEARN We offer a steady diet of opportunities to learn and network around politics. Our monthly programs include high-profile figures and elected officials. 
210603_145 NETWORK We are the largest network of Conservative donors in California. The Club counts the most prominent business and thought leaders in the world as our members.

We will be working in all areas of politics with opportunities to engage in winning and proven strategies for Conservatives. 



Individual membership offers the best program of learning and networking opportunities around politics in Orange County.

Members will benefit from the access side of our organization through monthly programs with high-profile figures.



Platinum Circle group appeals to those who want to be part of political decision making and affect the outcomes of candidates and issues. We want to create an effective engine to assist our members in driving positive change in California going forward.  We will highlight and direct our members to ever more opportunities to Learn, Network, and Engage around politics, from local to national concerns that will be coming our way increasingly in the 21st Century.
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