ICYMI: Victor Davis Hanson Visits the Lincoln Club

It was an honor to host award-winning historian Victor Davis Hanson for this month's Freedom Forum! Dr. Hanson recently wrote The Case for Trump to explain the true story of how Donald Trump has become one of the most successful presidents in history. Dr. Hanson's presentation at the Fashion Island Hotel focused on how President Trump was able to overcome insurmountable difficulties and why his presidency was necessary to unseat the old established order.


In spite of overwhelmingly negative media coverage, sixteen well-qualified Republican rivals, and Clinton's quarter-billion-dollar war chest, Donald Trump not only won, but can now take credit for a booming economy. Dr. Hanson believes that President Trump’s victory in 2016 can in large part be attributed to his ability to connect with middle America. In the last election, six million people voted for Donald Trump for President who hadn’t voted in the 2012 presidential election (or at least didn’t vote for Mitt Romney).

Dr. Hanson also discussed the 2020 presidential race, saying that "this is President Trump's election to win or lose." The candidates against whom President Trump is running are talking about reparations, infanticide, a 70% income tax on the rich, abolishing student debt and ICE, and letting convicted criminals vote. He predicted that President Trump has a 55%-60% chance of being reelected.

Afterwards, Dr. Hanson stuck around to answer questions, sign copies of his book, and chat with our members.

Here's an interview Victor Davis Hanson did for American Thought Leaders from Epoch Times on the same topic as his freedom forum speech.




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