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Fighting to preserve the American way of life since 1962.



The Lincoln Club of Orange County, through its members, has helped shape California and national politics for five decades.

The Club's founders include many of the most prominent businessmen in Orange County history, including Dr. Arnold O. Beckman, founder of Beckman Instruments, Walter Knott, founder of Knott’s Berry Farm, and Si Fluor, founder of Fluor Corporation. President Richard Nixon and John Wayne were once members. To this day, Club membership includes the most public-spirited and prominent business and professional men and women in Orange County.

Throughout its history, the Lincoln Club has stayed true to its founding principles and continues the important work of fighting to protect the American way of life.



The Lincoln Club is the largest conservative donor network in California. Lincoln Club members enjoy a special level of access to leaders in the political and business arena not found anywhere else.


When Lincoln Club members engage - change happens.

Click below to learn about how members are making a difference here in Orange County and beyond.

In 2015, Palm Lane Elementary School was rated by the state as a chronically failing school. Our members heard the voices of countless parents seeking a better education for their children. In response, we formed a coalition of community leaders and sponsored an initiative, under the Parent Trigger Law, to convert Palm Lane to a charter school.

The Lincoln Club of Orange County supported signature gathering efforts, met with parents and students, attended City Council and School District meetings, and worked with elected officials on both sides of the aisle to bring lasting, positive change to Palm Lane. Our effort was not met without opposition. Public teachers unions, who lose out on revenue when charter schools are formed, put their pocketbooks ahead of the students and spent approximately $1 million combating our mission to fix a failing school. This culminated in a lawsuit that went all the way to the California State Supreme Court.

After an arduous, hard-fought legal battle, we won. This long journey secured a significant victory for school choice in Southern California. The parents of Palm Lane can now provide their children with the opportunity they deserve-- a quality public education in a school of their own creation.

But our support did not and will not stop there. When Palm Lane reopened as an independent charter school, the school district stripped their library before handing over the keys, leaving hundreds of students with no books. The only appropriate response was to take it upon ourselves to fill their library to the brim through a volunteer-led book drive. We will always stand up for expanding school options and stand up to anti-choice factions. Our continued support of Palm Lane Charter School has made a positive difference for the parents, the staff and most importantly, the kids.

Our members are among the most prominent and successful business leaders and professionals in Orange County connected by their shared values and desire to make a difference for our Country.


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