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December, 3rd 2019                                                             (760) 807-7029


Yesterday, the Board of Directors of the Lincoln Club of Orange County voted to endorse Mayor Laurie Davies to replace scandal plagued Bill Brough for the 73rd Assembly District.

"Mayor Laurie Davies is the strongest candidate in the race with a long history for working to advance the conservative movement in our county,” said Lincoln Club of Orange County President John Warner. “She is a proven campaigner and fundraiser, having recently been reelected Mayor of Laguna Niguel. This is our opportunity to unite behind the candidate best positioned to defeat Bill Brough and avoid giving the Democrats an easy target in November. And when conservatives and Republicans are united, we win.”

In September the Lincoln Club unanimously rescinded its endorsement of Bill Brough for re-election in the face of numerous, serious and credible allegations of sexual harassment, and the State’s opening of an investigation into Brough’s alleged misuse of $200,000 in campaign funds for personal use.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                       CONTACT: JOHN WARNER

September, 12th 2019                                                             (760) 807-7029

LINCOLN CLUB OF ORANGE COUNTY ORANGE COUNTY, CA - On Thursday, October 10th the Board of Directors of the Lincoln Club of Orange County voted to endorse Mayor Diane Dixon for the 74th Assembly District.
"When conservatives and Republicans of all stripes are unified, we win,” said Lincoln Club of Orange County President John Warner. “Don Wagner would not be Supervisor had Republicans not unified behind his campaign. Diane is not only the best candidate to defeat Newsom enabler, Cottie Petrie Norris, she is a proven winner with the private and public sector record to back it up."
The Lincoln Club was founded in 1962 after a bruising primary fight left Richard Nixon too weakened and underfunded to beat a vulnerable Pat Brown for California Governor. The Club founders believed that Republicans should save their precious resources and energy for fighting Democrats as opposed to each other.

“We are calling upon Republicans across the county and state to avoid wasting resources and energy and join the club, former Governor Pete Wilson, Senate Minority Leader Shannon Grove, and Assembly Minority Leader Marie Waldron in unifying behind Mayor Diane Dixon,” said Lincoln Club President John Warner.

Founded in 1962, the Lincoln Club of Orange County is the premiere political association in Orange County. Its members are businessmen and women and professionals who are united behind the principles of limited government, free markets, and personal responsibility. For 55 years the Lincoln Club of Orange County has worked to expand freedom, opportunity, and prosperity for all. 


BREAKING: Lincoln Club rescinds endorsement of Assemblyman Bill Brough for AD73

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                       CONTACT: JOHN WARNER

September, 12th 2019                                                                    (760) 807-7029



ORANGE COUNTY, CA - Today, the Board of Directors of the Lincoln Club of Orange County voted unanimously to rescind its endorsement of Bill Brough for the 73rd Assembly District.


"Serious allegations have been made against Assembly Member Brough, and the Lincoln Club takes them seriously,” said Lincoln Club of Orange County President John Warner. “One-party rule in Sacramento is bad for our state, and it’s a disaster for middle class families who are struggling in California. Republicans need strong, unencumbered leadership, undistracted by disturbing accusations about personal behavior."


The Lincoln Club will be actively seeking alternative candidates for the 73rd Assembly district.


Freedom Caucus Chair Mark Meadows Visits Lincoln Club

Congressman Mark Meadows of North Carolina and current chair of the Freedom Caucus joined a small group of Lincoln Club members to give them a D.C. update.


Lincoln Club Member Meghan McNulty Interviews Tomi Lahren for The Schpiel

Tomi Lahren’s new book Never Play Dead: How the Truth Makes You Unstoppable is an excellent manual for today’s professional and successful women as well as up and coming young girls. While the constitutional conservative movement has several leading male voices such as Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Bill O’Reilly, Dennis Prager, Ben Shapiro, and Charlie Kirk, it lacks representation of young, successful women.

In fact, Tomi Lahren is the only self-made media millionaire under 40, and at twenty six years old, already has a net worth of $3 million and growing. She is also the youngest political talk show host in history, and has millions of dedicated social media followers, many of them young women who have never had a chance to see a successful woman of her age make it in politics.

In Never Play Dead, Tomi explains that one of her critics was trying to silence her, diminish her influence and question her intelligence by calling her Barbie after President Trump shared her message. Tomi shot back, saying, “Barbie is a multibillion-dollar industry so call me Barbie all you want.” The response is brilliant as it shows young women they don’t need to apologize or be diminished for being pretty or feminine, and smart. Tomi shows her readers you can have it all, if you are willing to own it and not play a victim.

Read the rest at The Schpiel


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Ken Williams: Bringing Fiscal Discipline to Orange County Schools

Last Thursday, the Orange County Board of Education (OCBE) passed a budget for 2019-2020 with reductions in the spending that was requested by Orange County Department of Education Superintendent Al Mijares.

Some might be concerned that a reduction in education department spending could hurt our kids.

In fact, the opposite is true.

We cut the budget to help our students by scaling back the department’s excessive political and conference travel spending.

Significantly, our budget cuts do not touch spending that affects the quality of education, such as teacher compensation or school funding.

Rather, we have simply made tailored — and overdue — reductions to the county’s lobbying, conferences and travel budgets.

Consider the more than $150,000 that the county education department spent on lobbying last year, much of it in support of Assembly Bill 1505, which threatens charter schools’ growth and long-term existence.

Despite the board’s opposition to AB1505, the county education department and its lobbyists worked to undermine charter schools in Orange County.

They teamed up with the California Teachers Associations to ask county school districts, superintendents and school board members in April 2019 to write letters of support to the state Assembly in Sacramento to support AB1505.

The department used county staff and OCDE budget money earmarked for lobbying to implement an anti-charter school agenda.

These lobbying efforts against charter schools run counter to the expressed values of the board.

We believe that charter schools and parental choice are vital components of the best possible education environment for OC residents.

Indeed, charters are some of the best performing and most in-demand schools in the county.

In addition, department staff spent more than $1.2 million on out-of-county travel junkets last year, which are a nice perk, but have little to no value for improving student academic performance.

These travel expenses, which cover the costs of hotel rooms, meals, rental cars and conference administrative fees, are not consistent with the department’s budget priorities and the funding shortfalls for county schools.

The department also exposed itself as a poor steward of county fiscal resources during its disastrous and unilateral lawsuit initiated in 2016 against the Orange County Employment Retirement System (OCERS) over a pension dispute.

The board was kept at a distance from this lawsuit that was based on little more than Mijares’ own far-fetched legal conjecture.

This quixotic lawsuit ended up costing taxpayers more than $2.4 million, with OCDE and OCERS each incurring about $1.2 million in legal fees — funds which should have gone to students and teachers.

The department lost that suit in 2017, then wasted more money filing an appeal, and lost again earlier this year.

Throughout the lawsuit, the department ignored my objections that as county trustees the board should have oversight or at least some input on this expensive legal adventure.

The budget we adopted, with targeted cuts to travel and lobbying, brings some fiscal discipline to counter the department’s long history otherwise.

Expect to hear dire claims of “school budget cuts” from supporters of the status quo who would like to keep their lobbying and travel perks.

But in reality we are simply cutting the fat.

Orange County residents, parents and students should support the board’s efforts, and their counterparts across Southern California should demand the same from their own local elected officials.

Ken L. Williams serves on the Orange County Board of Education, representing District 3. Read Ken's full bio HERE


Read at OC Register

Lincoln Club Member Bill Evers Covers State of California Education for Wall Street Journal

California Wants to Teach Your Kids That Capitalism Is Racist

A new model curriculum for ‘ethnic studies’ is a handbook for classroom propagandizing.

California’s Education Department has issued an “Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum” and is soliciting public comments on it until Aug. 15. The legislatively mandated guide is a resource for teachers who want to instruct their students in the field of “ethnic studies,” and was written by an advisory board of teachers, academics and bureaucrats. It's as bad as you imagine.

Read the rest from Lincoln Club member Williamson S. Evers HERE

Listen to Evers on Nightside with Dan Rena discussing the article HERE


Williamson M. Evers is a research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and a former U.S. assistant secretary of education for planning, evaluation and policy development. Evers was the leader of the Trump transition’s agency review for the U.S. Department of Education.

National Security Council Spokesman Garrett Marquis Visits Lincoln Club of Orange County


Lincoln Club of Orange County held a special private meeting with Garrett Marquis a Deputy Assistant to the President and serves as Senior Director for Strategic Communications and Spokesperson for the National Security Council.

Garret briefed the intimate group of 25 members on a variety of issues from the Trump Administrations strategy in relation to Venezuela to how the Administration is working with partners to contain and ensure Iran does not acquire nuclear weapons.

A sincere thanks to Garret, an Orange County native, for making time to meet.

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Donald Trump Jr Visits Lincoln Club of Orange County

Donald Trump Jr, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Republican National Committee Co-Chair Tommy Hicks joined the Lincoln Club of Orange County and New Majority at a joint event in support of Trump Victory 2020.










The Hill is reporting that $2.5 million was raised for Trump Victory on the swing through California. Technology entrepreneur and founder of Oculus VR, Palmer Luckey, also spoke at the joint lunch.

"On Friday afternoon, Luckey attended an afternoon reception sponsored by the conservative groups New Majority and Lincoln Club at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach."

Read the rest of The Hill article HERE


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California's Gas Tax is the Highest in the Nation--here is what citizens have to say.

It's every hard-working citizen's nightmare: an obnoxiously high gas tax coupled with an increase in pay to the politicians who created it. An OCGOP intern took to the streets to assess the public’s opinion on the recent gas tax increase, prompting citizens to reevaluate their district representative. The responders expressed frustration with the tax increase when they learned that 40% is going to the general fund rather than to much-needed road repairs and infrastructure. 


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