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Remarks Given to The Lincoln Club of Orange County

October 4, 2020

By Michael Capaldi 


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2020 Board of Directors Retreat Report

Big plans are ahead for the Club. We are focused on the ultimate goal: Taking back California. 


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Recap of Newt Gingrich Strategy Call

A year ago, the Lincoln Club launched a digital program called Parabellum: If you want peace, prepare for war. The project has been an overwhelming success, reaching almost a million voters in the lead up to the Election, to make sure they know the truth behind the issues and the candidates. In a special strategy call to support Parabellum, Newt discusses:

  • Vote-by-mail fraud
  • Does Kellyanne Conway's departure affect President Trump's re-election?
  • Election demographics and minority voting
  • Can Biden avoid the debates?

Enjoy the event video below:

National Guard Food Drive

Lincoln Women’s Leadership Committee Hosts Food Drive


At the end of July, the Lincoln Women’s Leadership Committee came together and organized a food drive for the men and women in the National Guard stationed in the city of Santa Ana. It was an amazing way to demonstrate to our military just how much we appreciate their service to our country and its citizens, particularly in times like these.


Lincoln Club volunteers arrived early in the morning and began to organize and pack the donated food bags. Volunteers were led by Deanne Tate, who displays her passion for helping our men and women in uniform by hosting fundraisers for them often. The chairman of LWLC, Carolyn Ben, was also present with her husband instructing and organizing the event.


Lincoln Club Members Challenge Abuse Of Hate Crime Law By Ultra-Liberal Soros Backed DA

Members Essayli And Brown Defend Free Speech Of Couple Who Stand Against Black Lives Matter And Efforts To Defund Police 

Yesterday, the ultra-liberal Soros-backed DA of Contra Costa County charged a couple with a "hate crime" for disagreeing with the Black Lives Matter organization who support defunding police. Lincoln Club members Bill Essayli and Andrew Brown challenged the charges in this politically motivated stunt. 

The Lincoln Club supports our law enforcement and the First Amendment rights of every American.

A Letter of Appreciation for the OC Law Enforcement Community

To the Orange County Law Enforcement Community,

The Lincoln Club of Orange County wishes to extend our deep appreciation to the entire Orange County law enforcement community and your families for your professionalism and sacrifice in dealing with the many challenges for our county these past few weeks in the wake of the nationwide upheaval.

We can be proud as a county that our citizens were encouraged to freely exercise their First Amendment right to peacefully protest, while at the same time public order and private property were protected. That result is in large part due to the work of our law enforcement community to engage the public these past few weeks, in addition to many past years of active engagement within our communities.

RECAP: Sen. Rick Scott Freedom Forum

The Club hosted our June Virtual Freedom Forum featuring Senator Rick Scott from Florida! Senator Rick Scott is currently serving his first term after being elected to Senate in 2018. He also previously served two terms as the 45th Governor of the state of Florida. 

Senator Rick Scott is an incredible example of the American dream and conservative values that never fail. He had grown up in public housing in the Midwest as his adoptive father struggled to financially support the family. He  joined the Navy and eventually, after attending University of Missouri, opened his first business, a donut shop. He went on to run one of the world's largest healthcare companies and now seeks to provide the same opportunities given to him today, continuing to fight to increase jobs across Florida.


Senator Rick Scott began the discussion criticizing China and what we need to do as nation to hold them responsible. He received quite a few questions on this topic and made a serious point that we can no longer allow communist China to take advantage of us, we must hold them accountable and buy American.

He informed the Club of two bills he's currently working on to require companies like Amazon to disclose where a product has been made and to stop Chinese students from coming to America to work on the corona virus vaccine unless they are properly vetted first. Senator Scott has also been proactive in putting a stop to federal agencies buying Chinese manufactured drones.


"I think the world is going to sanction China and hold them accountable. China steals our jobs, technology, takes away basic rights of Hong Kong citizens. They are a totalitarian government. "


John McLaughlin Freedom Forum Recap & Video!

John McLaughlin visits the Lincoln Club

On May 20th, the Lincoln Club hosted John McLaughlin for our first Virtual Freedom Forum over Zoom. John McLaughlin is a strategic consultant and pollster for over 35 years during which he has built an incredible reputation for assisting some of America’s most successful corporations and winning some of the toughest elections in the nation.

John worked as an advisor and pollster to President Donald Trump in 2016, starting from the primaries and finishing through election day. He’s also worked internationally for Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyaho of Israel, The Conservative Party in the United Kingdom and much more.

If you missed the call be sure to check out the video below!

John began his presentation reflecting on the tough position President Trump is in not only as a wartime president currently battling what is referred to as the “invisible enemy” with covid19, but also fighting against the economic shutdown that’s reaching greater levels than the great depression.


“We have not seen a political environment this bad since probably Franklin Roosevelt was president.” 


He went on to note how everything is being completely politicized during this pandemic; that in every way the discussions have been a "partisan response."

However, John affirmed that President Trump has a solid base in his support and it will continue to climb as the economy recovers post covid.

He proceeded to go through a series of slides showing the polling they've been recording. We've provided two of them above, if you'd like to look through the rest of them John has kindly sent the Club his slides. Click here to view the Battleground Slides and General Election Polls.

City Hall Should Stop Trying to be Our Mother

The following is an op-ed that was published in the OC Register on May 10, 2020 authored by Lincoln Club Member, Robert Loewen. Read below.


The city of Laguna Beach reopened its beaches recently, and today, I took my first walk on the beach since the shutdown in March. Felt good. I suppose I should be grateful that my local government gave me back this right, but I’m not. Instead, I resent that they took it from me in the first place. I feel like a rebellious teenager because our local elected officials are trying to be my mother.

I was blessed with a great mom. From her I learned to follow the Golden Rule, respect authority, and follow the rules while making my way in the world. So this is not a screed against mothers.

My beef is with the Laguna Beach City Council, which wants to be my mother but isn’t. When it reopened the beaches this week, the city only allowed access from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. So the beaches are still shut down after 10 a.m. Based on what?

We live in a small town, so I know some of the council members. The mayor once coached my son’s little league team, and I know him to be a good man. No doubt, he and the other council members thought they had good reasons for shutting down the beaches after 10 a.m., but I am aware of no evidence that the coronavirus would spread materially faster if the beaches were kept open until, say  noon—or even 6 p.m. So the shutdown time was arbitrary. That’s something a mother would do—decide what is best for her children and set clear rules that she knows they can follow to keep them safe. But the city council is not my mother. Honest, mom, I can make good choices on my own if you just let me.

The City Council has also shut down the parks. We live near one of them–Bluebird Park, a wonderland where young children play on all sorts of swings, slides, and climbing apparatus. My kids grew up in that park. In fact, we have been to weddings of people who were toddlers when they became playmates with my oldest daughter there. She was 8 months old when we moved to Laguna.

Now she is 39 with children of her own. Before the shutdown, our grandchildren played there when they visited. No longer. The city has fenced off the playground equipment even though the COVID-19 death toll among children of that age is essentially zero. Arbitrary, but just what a mom would do.

My wife and I have been sheltering in place and wearing masks during our infrequent visits to the grocery story, not because the governor and city council ordered it, but because it is a rational response to a scary pandemic. Social distancing cannot work without such voluntary cooperation.

Yet by following the model of city council as mother, our local government evokes an emotional response in me that feels like teenager rebellion; I want to break their stupid rules just because. I am 72, so it has been a long time since I felt this way.

Assuming that others feel the same, our elected officials should wonder whether their arbitrary rules are counterproductive.

OPEN LETTER: It's time for the Orange County Supervisors to lead the County and State in economic recovery.

An Open Letter to the Orange County Board of Supervisors

We write today as entrepreneurs, small business owners, restaurateurs, and residents of Orange County to express our grave concern for the County's economic predicament as a result of the 'shelter in' and 'non essential' business shutdown orders from the State and County.

The predicate for the initial 'shelter in' and businesses shutdowns was the need to 'flatten the curve' of infections in order to assure that our healthcare system would not be overwhelmed. However, with each passing day it becomes more evident that the original statistical models driving these drastic measures were flawed and dramatically overstated the risks.

Hoag Hospital was the first hospital to treat a COVID-19 patient. During an April 15 video update, Dr. Brant-Zawadzki, Senior Physician Executive at Hoag Hospital, explained, "the numbers are now stabilizing and going down [in fact,] it's not that the curve has flattened- we're on the other side of the curve and heading down." Dr. Martin Fee, Chief Clinical Officer and Head of Infection Control at Hoag Hospital, also added, "definitely in Orange County it has [flattened]." Orange County's daily COVID-19 infections peaked on April 1 at 104 and has averaged 55 per day since April 22. This successful slowing of the spread of COVID-19 can be largely attributed to the actions of the State and Orange County Board of Supervisors. We thank the OC Board of Supervisors for its hard work and leadership to protect our community during this crisis.

But it has become clear that the status quo is not economically or socially sustainable, even in the short term.  The stress of economic devastation and curtailed civil liberties could one day soon become untenable.

Membership Inquiries

The Lincoln Club is the oldest and most successful pro-business political organization in Orange County. Since our founding in 1962, the Lincoln Club has stood for limited government, fiscal discipline, and personal responsibility.

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We invite you to learn more about our history of accomplishments and how you can play a role in seeing greater prosperity unleashed in our county, state, and country.

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